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Strategize Evergreen Content To Your Website And Increase Traffic

Content can be at any form, be it a blog post, web page content, product pages, descriptions, or infographics, it plays a master role to represent website in between the competition. Scheduling contents that remain an all-time favourite for visitors, as well as Google, is a difficult task. What do we mean by ‘evergreen content’? Or which sort of contents should stand in this category? This must be your current mental state, right?

An SEO Dubai company has simplified the term – evergreen content is contents that are written on certain topics that remain always relevant & fresh. These kinds of contents are mindful to drive traffic, engage readers, and make them bookmark or share the stuff, and most importantly, impress Google SERPs.

Let’s understand the term with an example:

How to lose belly fat? – This has nothing to do with the season, region, gender, or any other factors. This search query is completely neutral. Preparing such type of contents remains evergreen. People with a need for controlling belly fat can any time hit the query. What you need to do it, prepare informative, engaging, and SEO-oriented contents that drive traffic and outrank other contents that focus the same subject.

Don’t conflict the terms ‘evergreen content’ and ‘evergreen topic’ because both have sky-high differences.

There is a massive difference between having an evergreen topic like “belly fat control tips” to create content and actually making any piece of content evergreen.

In the year of 2020, we search for “how to lose belly fat” but in upcoming years, if there is an invention of some magic pills or machines to reduce belly fat without breaking the midnight oil then? Then what? What will you do with your content as it will remain not so relevant?

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Hence, it’s important to know the ninja technique to make every topic and every content evergreen.

SEO Agency Dubai share an answer to creating evergreen content

Evergreen content should remain money-making for a longer period of time, so creating the fresh topic and preparing contents of 500-700 words can’t always a solution. You need to spend enough research time to pick a topic that is pinpointing the audience. Add creativity, humour, trust, expertise, and authority in the masterpiece before you float it in the web.

To raise the bar of your online game, you need to look closely into the content as an expert (third party person). Judge your content pieces to reach a genuine conclusion. If it doesn’t make you stick to the website, you need to break more efforts into finding a good topic, researching like a pro, and preparing content that meets with the audience’s searching goals.

Here, we share tips you should consider:
  • Avoid using dates, regions, seasons, time, and certain events in the content as it will limit your content
  • Prefer to build internal and external links to establish authoritativeness and obtain traffic from other sites
  • Re-share your older contents through social media channels and emails to keep them in trend

Sometimes, whatever we publish on the site remain constant for a longer period, it’s completely evergreen topic. Some examples of such type of contents are customer reviews, testimonials, case studies, and product descriptions. This is because such contents help the visitors and it became evergreen despite being your search intent.

Make your every content worth with weaving SEO strategies. Contact a smart SEO Dubai company today!

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